Galentine’s Spa Day: Pamper Yourself with Bell Tower & Rhelm

Galentine’s Spa Day: Pamper Yourself with Bell Tower & Rhelm

In the ‘Rhelm’ of friendship and celebration, Galentine’s Day emerged as a joyous occasion for ladies to honor their closest companions. Conceived by the fictional Leslie Knope on the TV show "Parks and Recreation," this unofficial holiday on February 13th has since become a real-world tradition of appreciating the incredible bonds shared among gal pals.

  •  It's a day dedicated to uplifting female friendships, celebrating the strength and support found in these bonds.
  • It provides an opportunity to express love and gratitude to your besties, making it a heartwarming prelude to Valentine's Day.
  • Day encourages self-love and pampering, emphasizing the importance of treating yourself and your friends.

Speaking of pampering, Galentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to indulge in some spa-worthy relaxation. Bell Tower Salon Spa's 'The Pampering Package' offers an Essential Manicure and a blowout for just $75, ensuring you and your besties feel fabulous from head to toe.

If heading to the spa isn't an option, why not bring the spa experience home? Host an at-home spa night with DIY mini facials, mani/pedis, and hair treatments. Transform your living room into a sanctuary of self-care, creating lasting memories with your closest friends. Nails below were done by Ang at the Bell Tower Salon, @glamwith.angg on Instagram.

nails by @glamwith.angg

As the evening unfolds, add a touch of mystery with a blind wine tasting. Everyone brings their favorite red or white wine, votes are cast anonymously, and the winner revels in glory or enjoys a spa-themed prize basket. It's the perfect blend of indulgence and competition.

When it comes to what to wear, Rhelm has you covered. Whether single or taken, our curated collection ensures you'll look cute, comfortable, and effortlessly. Don't forget to restock your favorite salon brands that can be found in our beauty and wellness sections.

In essence, Galentine’s Day is a celebration of friendship, self-love, and shared joy. With Bell Tower Salon Spa and Rhelm by your side, every moment is destined to be memorable and delightful. Cheers to the beauty of gal pal connections and the joy of celebrating each other!

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