How to Improve the Skin You're In

How to Improve the Skin You're In

Hot girl summer has arrived and no doubt your attention has been shifting to taking care of your skin. It’s important to keep your skin protected, hydrated, and exfoliated, but following a good skincare regiment can be a daunting task to tackle by yourself. The Rhelm team is here to help you choose healthy products that work.


Skincare Alert! The byproduct of that extra summer sun in your routine is more sweating and breakouts, and an increased need to properly cleanse your skin—all over! Your skin is the largest organ on your body, after all, and it needs head-to-toe attention. 


The Basics:

Make sure to exfoliate twice a week, wear your 30 SPF, schedule that checkup with your dermatologist, who can help you with common skin conditions that may include rosacea or acne, and be sure to check the expiration dates on your makeup and skincare products. In fact, now is a good time to trash your heavy creams and switch to something lightweight for summer.



  • Revitalize both your skin and your day with VOID Soap’s natural exfoliating Lavender Peppermint Oat Scrub body and face bar. Organic peppermint oil and lavender melt your stress away while the olive oil and shea butter leave your skin soft and deeply nourished.
  • The RPM Gentle Exfoliator buffs away pore-clogging, dead skin cells for visibly smaller pores and smoother, softer skin. This CBD product exfoliates without being harmful to delicate or sensitive skin.
  • YonKa’s Gommage Sucre is a dual-action sugar scrub that gently exfoliates and nourishes skin for a decadent, at-home pampering experience.


A Plea for Sunscreen: 

According to a recent survey by MedStar Health (, 12% of respondents believe they don’t need to apply sunscreen because they have darker skin.  

Skin cancers, including melanoma, affect Black and Hispanic people at a disproportionately deadly rate when compared to white people. Some key facts: 

  • An average 5-year melanoma survival rate is only 67% in Black people versus 92% in white people.
  • Late-stage melanoma diagnoses are more common in Hispanic and Black patients than in non-Hispanic and white patients.
  • When skin cancer is found in Black and Hispanic people, they tend to be diagnosed at a later stage and, as a result, have a worse prognosis. 

MedStar Health shares the following information to debunk common misconceptions around skin cancer and melanoma:  

  • Skin cancer affects people of all races and skin tones, not just those with fair skin, so it is important for everyone to get their skin and moles checked regularly. 
  • Melanoma can become life threatening in as little as six weeks. If left untreated, it can spread to other parts of the body. Sadly, many people wait too long to receive treatment, and the outcome can be deadly. 
  • Skin cancer can be found anywhere, even on the soles of the feet, or the toenail and fingernail beds. As mentioned above, if left undetected these can be life threatening. 


In an effort to promote the protection of your skin and health, Rhelm carries products from Bask Suncare, a company who has made it their mission to end skin cancer. You will love the lightweight feel of their leaping bunny certified, vegan, paraben & sulfate free, reef safe sunscreen line. Protect the skin you’re in, it’s all you have.  

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