Miami to NYC, A Mother's Day to Remember

Miami to NYC, A Mother's Day to Remember

Happy Mother's Day Weekend! 

From the F1 Grand Prix, in Miami, to NYC for Mother’s Day... The race was supper fun and exciting as the should have the cars and the thousands of fans cheering on their team wearing their team gear… It’s difficult not to get caught up in the competitiveness let alone the talent and courage of the drivers. I was amazed at the pit stops.. I’d blink and the cars were back on the road.. Tires were changed, gas was filled and off they went. A BLINK.. I sported a Porsche team shirt, accessorized with an our new Rhelm Denim Shorts - yes, you need them. These are the most comfortable shorts I own, only issue was the shorts could have been a bit longer to go past the bleachers seat.. I stuck to the bleachers as I was sweating .. Ick. I recommend a light weight romper, sundress, skirt or shorts that go past the bleachers, a bit above the knee would be long enough. I'll be more prepared next year.
Day 2 I wore a super light weight romper, the Miami Romper... it was so much more comfortable. Paired with sneakers, a sun hat, sunscreen and sun glasses...a must, always. This weekend, Mother’s Day... Looking forward to Mother’s Day with my friend who is also a mom, and our daughters. Our daughters and we, moms, met when the girls were about 5 years old. Now at 15, almost 16, they are still very close buddies. We have a super fun weekend planned including a yacht architectural tour starting Saturday in the morning, followed by an early Italian dinner and a broadway show.

… Sunday will bring a light bite at the hotel for breakfast, then onto the Summit for great photo ops. to see sculptural art and amazing views of the city… I plan to wear my supper comfy black, Cami Dress that also comes in other colors like blue and beige. This is a flattering, light weight and super comfortable dress... for shoes, anything goes, but for walking I’d say I will go with my most comfortable flats, sandals or sneakers. All look great and are great for all of the walking. Can’t wait to share all of my experiences with you this weekend. Check back next week!

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms... Celebrating you, always. 



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