Road Trip Ready with Rhelm

Road Trip Ready with Rhelm

Looking to start your fall with a scenic road trip? Look no further, the Blue Ridge Parkway through the Appalachian Mountains will feed your hunger for adventure and help you round out your summer travels. Starting in Rockfish Gap, Virginia, this parkway extends 469 miles to Cherokee, North Carolina and is filled with a wealth of ridges, plateaus, and highlands. You can find an array of charming and unique places to visit along the route and Rhelm is here to help you prepare for and enjoy the road trip in style. Don’t forget to pack selections from our extensive line of travel sized Oribe products that provide you with a portable care routine to keep up with your hygiene regimen while on the road.

First stop, Roanoke, Virginia. When visiting this town rooted in history, you’ll find an assortment of museums at your disposal. Feel free to stop by the Taubman Museum of Art, the Harrison Museum of African American Culture, the Science Museum of Western Virginia, and many more. When packing for an activity such as museum hopping, don’t forget to bring one of Rhelm’s fleece vests to create a sophisticated, tailored look. The vest can be worn on top of a simple dress, such as the midi sweater dress, or even jeans for a more casual museum viewing.

Next on the Blue Ridge Parkway route is the Jagged Edge in Southwest Virginia. The curvy, scenic roads create killer sunrise and sunset views that will take your breath away. Try out one of our  cozy sweaters or our waffle tops to stay cozy and enjoy a windows-down, picturesque evening or early morning drive to revive yourself in the fresh summer air.

Off the beaten path, stretch your legs and take on a breathtaking hike at the Linville Gorge in North Carolina. You’ll find a diverse range of plants and wildlife on the way to Linville Falls, a gorgeous, flowing waterfall. To prepare for hiking and road trip activities full of movement, choose from our fashionable, yet comfortable two-piece activewear sets that function perfectly on a scenic hike, and don’t forget a comfortable pair of shoes, like our trendy white sneakers from London Rag.

Further along the Blue Ridge Parkway into North Carolina, the Altapass Orchard provides its visitors with the Spruce Pine experience. Handpick delicious heirloom apples while basking in the nature and beauty of Blue Ridge. The floral long sleeve dress bolsters the already cute, summery vibes of this end of summer activity.

Snowball Mountain is a gorgeous, green mountain that can be seen from the Blue Ridge Parkway. It’s rich in hiking and walking trails that are guaranteed to settle your mind and connect you to nature. In preparation for a hike or outdoor activity, make sure to lather on the Bask sun care products, you can never be too careful about sun exposure. For the easy, hands-free carrying of your personal items, use the luxe convertible sling belt bum bag. Sling it on your body, then forget about it and enjoy nature.

The beginning of fall is hectic, but a road trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway may be just what you need to clear your mind and enjoy some last-minute scenic vistas.  Rhelm is here to support you in your ventures because when you find your place in the Rhelm, you find your very best self.

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