Skin Care 101

Skin Care 101

When shopping for skin care products, the number of options can be overwhelming. If you are looking for some guidance in your daily routine, the Rhelm website provides information on how each item can be used and its compatibility with certain skin types.

Before discussing the different skin types and how they can be treated with the utmost care, it is important to understand the basics of skin care. The most important part of a balanced skin care routine is a good cleanser and moisturizer. Rhelm’s Bastille Void Facial Bar is an ecofriendly way to cleanse your face while still getting a quality product. Alongside moisturizer, applying sunscreen in the mornings, regardless of the season, helps you to preserve your skin barrier and prevent wrinkles and sun damage that can be detrimental to your skin health. Bask brings you a lotion sunscreen with both SPF 30 and 50 to protect your skin while also moisturizing it.

If you feel like your skin might have a dry disposition or may just be dehydrated, then Rhelm is here to help. With Yonka’s line of cleansers and crèmes for dehydrated skin, your face will be feeling nourished and refreshed in no time. The Yonka Lait Nettoyant cleansing milk is a gentle cleanser that is recommended for dry skin and can double as a makeup remover. After cleansing your face, lightly spread the Lotion Yon-Ka Invigorating Mist Toner made with essential oils to invigorate the skin. If you are looking for a faster solution to skin dehydration, the Hydra N1 Intense Hydration Masque has a deeply moisturizing impact while the Masque 105 purifies the dry skin. For your moisturizing crème needs, Rhelm has multiple Yonka products available, such as Crème 28, the Hydra N1 Crème, the Nutri Defense Crème, and the Phyto 58 Crème.  

Got oily skin? Rhelm has got you covered. Yonka carries products that target oily skin types, especially with the Gel Nettoyant cleansing gel as well as the Lotion PNG Invigorating Mist Toner that can be applied directly after the cleanser. For a long-term difference, try the Yonka Masque 103 for a detoxifying and purifying effect. If you want a moisturizer with a lightweight feel targeted towards oily, yet dehydrated skin, the Hydra N1 Fluid moisturizer is for you. However, the Crème PG moisturizes while maintaining a pore-tightening effect while the Phyto 58 PNG night crème with 89% of its ingredients being of natural origin. Acne-prone, oily skin can benefit from the Crème 15moisturizer that improves blemishes and mild breakouts. There are plenty of crèmes to choose from, but the important thing is to find which ones are right for you.

For those with skin on more of the sensitive side, there are plenty of masks, crèmes, and even a peel to help you stay on top of your skin care. Yonka’s Nettoyant Cleansing Crème incorporates two peppermint extracts that cleanse the skin and remove any traces of makeup. The Gommage Yon-Ka exfoliating peel mask is the perfect way to foster hydrated and exfoliated skin as Yonka’s non-irritating soft peel. To soothe any redness on the skin, Yonka carries a Sensitive Masque and a correcting Sensitive Crème Anti-Rougeurs treatment for sensitive skin. To finish off your regimen, the Sensitive Crème is the moisturizing cherry on top.

For all your skin care goals, Rhelm is there every step of the way. Everyone’s skin is unique and should be treated with quality products that work with their skin type. Be kind to your skin with Rhelm.


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