Sweet or Sweaty Fall Fashion

Sweet or Sweaty Fall Fashion

I don’t know about you, but I love summer and all that it brings. However, as the fall routine begins, I look forward to styling my favorite jackets and sweaters, as I eagerly await chilly nights by the campfire with hot apple cider and s’mores. Fall in the Eastern US is notorious for crisp morning that melt away into 70-degree days. Even though we have pumpkins, mums and corns husks decorating our homes, it can still feel like summer. What to do? A way to stay comfortable all day, is to dress in layers. A cute t-shirt paired with a cardigan or flannel will do the trick. If pulling a sweater over your head won’t result in you looking like a chia pet, consider an oversized sweater or crew neck.


This season, I enjoy visits to the local orchard for apple, sunflower, and pumpkin picking. It's a joy to use my freshly picked apples to create quick, easy, and nutritious salads and meals. I'm all about simplicity and healthiness when it comes to my cooking. When visiting orchards, opt for comfortable shoes that provide support. Orchards often involve uneven terrain, so leave the heels at home and slip into a pair of practical sneakers.


Among my favorite places to be during this time of year is the Northeast, where the leaves undergo a beautiful transformation. It's also the perfect season to explore the Finger Lakes wineries. The Finger Lakes region is known for its stunning natural beauty, but it's also notorious for gusty winds. When exploring this scenic area, don't forget to pack a hat to keep your hair in check. A warm coat is equally essential, as the wind chill factor can make a mild day feel much colder.

I must admit that I occasionally fall into a "way too cozy" fashion rut, which let's be honest, can often end up looking rather sloppy. I find myself having flashbacks to the bedazzled matching sweatsuits that were somehow acceptable to wear in public, though stylish at the time. It seems like they were meant to elevate our casual walking or workout attire, which we now refer to as "loungewear" or the more acceptable "streetwear."

As the season unfolds and my love for the crisp outdoors and cozy nights by the fire continues, I also look forward to revamping my fashion choices. This year, I've decided to swap out those dated sweatsuits for something more stylish and comfortable. If you're on the lookout for some fresh wardrobe additions to elevate your autumn fashion game, I recommend checking out Rhelm.com. They offer a fantastic selection of trendy and cozy clothing options that are perfect for the season. Happy shopping, and enjoy the fall to the fullest!





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