The Bell Tower Salon & Spa: An Oasis in Wyomissing, PA

The Bell Tower Salon & Spa: An Oasis in Wyomissing, PA

Over 1,000 miles of driving left me more than ready for a stay in the bucolic setting of Berks County, Pennsylvania. Atypical of a tourist’s first item on an itinerary, all I could think about was booking a massage to untie the knots in my sore body. From my neck to my shoulders and right down to my hip flexors, my body begged for help, and I had little choice but to listen.

Grateful is an understatement, when I learned I was able to book a 90-minute full body massage at The Bell Tower Salon & Spa in Wyomissing. Day two in Berks County began with a short drive to this oasis. James, a 3-year veteran at Bell Tower, was my savior.

As he drove his expert hands with agreed upon pressure along the tangles from my shoulder to my lower back, it was clear to me that he knew exactly where the knots were, and he knew how to unravel them. It took more effort on my right side than my left, which made sense considering I am right-side dominant. At the mercy of his expertise, I succumbed to the bend of my leg that released the tightness in my hip flexor. Twenty minutes in, my breathing slowed to deep, long inhales and exhales—a surefire sign that the massage was working to de-stress my body and mind.

Time on the massage table was spent wisely, yet I didn’t want to hear those dreaded closing remarks. It was over, but I lingered a while before I left The Bell Tower, if only to peruse racks filled with colorful and elegant cover ups and other special finds, unique to this boutique. I swiped through several options to wear over a bathing suit or as a no-fuss look with shorts and a tank top, or over a simple summer dress. 

Ever so slightly distracted by an assortment of straw hats in the boutique space and at the register, an arm rack of unique bracelets with one dangled charm caught my eye. I felt embedded in the bliss of the space that nurtured me in my moment of need, and I didn’t want to leave. Alas, that time came, but I knew I’d be back for more services before this road trip warrior hit the road again, especially once I looked at the roots of my hair. And once I looked at the website and viewed the highlighted summer services, they had me at Citrus Sunshine Detox Lemongrass (my favorite spa scent!) Body Wrap.

Now that I’m detoxed from the drive and nourished by the YonKa Huile Delicieuse Body Oil, I can fully enjoy the experience of exploring the destination, especially with their Natura Bisse Vitamin C products on my side. Unconventional as it may seem on the surface, I strongly recommend all road warriors start at The Bell Tower Salon & Spa as stop one. And ask for James.

See James in action here.


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