Welcome to New York

Welcome to New York

A weekend in The City with Remi and our friends is never short of an adventure. If you are venturing to the Concrete Jungle anytime soon I recommend The Immersive Art Experience at The Summit, One Vanderbilt. Although it was a rainy day, we bundled up and made the most of it enjoying the beautiful exhibits. I must add that this experience was breath taking. The views above the clouds at One Vanderbilt is something out of Architectural Digest.

The Manhattan Architecture Yacht Cruise was to follow. We viewed the Statue of Liberty, The Brooklyn Bridge, and tons of beautiful city scape views. The experience was captivating and a second art exhibit in its own. I sipped my cabernet, listened to my daughter laugh with her friend, and was in awe of the trusses on the Brooklyn Bridge. It brought back many memories of being slightly older than Remi and coming to The City inspired to be a stylist with ambition to own my own Salon Spa. Flash forward to now... what a journey.

The fashion in New York City is always so interesting. It is certanitly its own style. For dinner at Serafina, I made sure to pack my new favorites and bring Rhelm to The City... Cami Dress, Staples Dropped Denim Jacket, Carrie Purse, and The Sadie Heel. Good wine, great pasta, and even better company, I was in the Rhelm.

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